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Ciro von der Kleinbrucke, BH, BST, FR1, MR1, SPr1, TR1, CGC
(Glenn vom Schwaiger Rathaus, SchH3 x Dunja vom Tengen, SchH3)

OFA Excellent - OFA Normal Elbows - Cardiac Clear via Echo - CERF Clear

Ciro is a 10 year old powerhouse of a Rottweiler with an incredible pedigree to match. When people say you have a once in a lifetime dog, Ciro is the kind of dog they are talking about. He has never quitting drives, hard grips, and fast entries on suit or sleeve.  Based on research he is the first Rottweiler to be titled to a French Ring 1 in NARA, and the first Rottweiler to be titled to a MR1 in USMRA. He is also the only Rottweiler in the United States to hold both titles. We got him as an adult and we were training for his SchH1 when he tore a ligament in his back leg in 2010 which caused us to switch sports to ringsport where he wouldn't be required to jump. As his leg injury has shown progress we have considered bringing him back to SchH in 2014 depending on how he does but he certainly does not act his age. One judge who saw him at 7 years old commented that there should be no issue competing him for 3-4 more years with how good he looks. 


- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke earning his Breed Suitability Test
- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke earning his French Ring Brevet (95 points)
- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke earning his French Ring 1 (174.15 EXC - first leg) 
- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke earning his Mondioring 1 (169 Q - first leg) 
- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke first attempt at French Ring 1 (non passing score)
- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke Dogstock 2010 (training video)
- Ciro von der Kleinbrucke Tracking Grass (training video)

  • May 16, 2010 - BH - Passing - OG Golden State Trial - Judge Bernhard Prem/Germany
  • May 5, 2012 - French Ring Brevet - 95 Points out of 100 - So Cal All Breed Ringers Trial - Judge Shannon Morgan/USA (2nd Place) 
  • January 26, 2013 - French Ring 1 - 174.15 EXC - So Cal All Breed Ringers Trial - Judge Jose Herran/Mexico (1st/High In Trial)
  • April 20, 2013 - Mondioring 1 - 169 Q - Santa Clarita Mondioring Trial - Judge Valeer Linclau/Belgium (7th Place)
  • July 6, 2013 - French Ring 1 - 172 EXC - So Cal All Breed Ringers Trial - Judge Shannon Morgan/USA (4th Place) 
  • August 10, 2013 - Mondioring 1 - 164 Q - So Cal All Breed Ringers Trial - Judge Anne Putegnat/USA (2nd Place)
  • > First USMRA Mondioring 1 Titled Rottweiler in the United States
  • > First NARA French Ring 1 Titled Rottweiler in the United States
  • June 21, 2014 - Corona Schutzhund Club Trial under SV Judge Wolfgang Henke - TR1 with 96 Points V and SPr1 and Tied for High Protection in Trial with 96 Points V - Pronounced!  
Special thanks to Adrian Centeno and the entire team at So Cal All breed Ringers for helping prep my boy for French Ring and Mondioring! 

Ciro von der Kleinbrucke, BH, BST, FR1, MR1, CGC Glenn vom Schwaiger Rathaus BH ZtP SchH III IFR-WM 01 DT VDH CH Troll vom Hause Anin BH ZtP AD SchH III Gekort.b EzA HD- ED- Ö-BJSgr \'95 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke SCHIII AD BH IPOIII ZtP Gek bis EzA HD /-
Maxima vom Hause Anin SchH III BH ZtP(11.95) AD FH IPO III HD-
Cleo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchHIII FHI AD BH IPOIII Gek bis EzA ZtP (06.96) Orso vom Kressbach SchIII FH AD BH IPOIII Gek.b.EzA 5-18-96 HD-, ZTP
KS/ES/Int/Deutche CH Dorle von der Teufelsbrucke SchH III, FH, AD, BH, ZtP
Multi V Dunja von Tengen BH, ZtP, AD, SchH III, Korung KJS\'95 Kevin vom Bamberger-Tal SchIII AD BH Gek.9-22-96 HD- WS\'94 ES\'94 BS\'94 KS\'93 WJS\'91 Ken vom Schwaiger Wappen SchIII FH AD IPOIII Gek. 9-24-94 (Wallhausen) HD-
Fabianne vom Bamberger-Tal SchHIII IPO3 HD-frei
Bea von Tengen SchH1 BH ZTP (11/95) Int./DT.VDH-CH ES\'93 KS\'91\'92 Noris vom Gruntenblick SchH III FH AD BH IPO III Gekort bis EzA HD /-
Tanja von Tengen SchH1 ZTP
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Adonis vom Bosen Blick, BH

 (Unkas vom Hause Neubrand, SchH3 x Windevilles Cindy Lou Who, SchH1, BH, BST, CD, RA, Fr Ring Brevet)
OFA Good Hips - OFA "Normal" Elbows

Adonis was from our very first breeding, our A-litter out of my handler-owner-trained female Cindy. He passed his BH and will be going for his BST later in the year. Our intention was to compete Adonis in Schutzhund but he took a backseat to our other male, Ciro. He is a very intelligent male with full, powerful grips and lots of aggression in the barking. His tracking is very clear and calm like his mother Cindy.

Due to issues with the litter he is from, Adonis is NOT available for breeding. 

- Adonis Obedience training at 6 months old
- Adonis Obedience training at 9.5 months old
- Adonis Obedience training at 20 months old
- Adonis working on pillow (3rd bite work session) 

Adonis vom Bosen Blick Pedigree ADRK Deutscher Meister\'04, IFR Prot.. Wld CH\'05 Unkas vom Hause NeubrandBH, ZtP, SchH/VPG III, IPO III, HD-free, ED1 Falco vom Weihungstal BH, Ztp, SchH/VPG III INT./DT.VDH-CH BS\'95 KS\'96 Furst vom Wolfert Turm SchH III AD BH IPO III ZTP(04.94)
Cinderella vom Wolfert Turm BH, ZtP, SchH III
Romy vom Hause Neubrand BH, Ztp, SchH.VPG Greif vom Oberhausener Norden BH, AD, Ztp, Schh/VPG III, IPO III, Gek.b.EzA
Daisy vom Hause Neubrand BH, AD, Ztp, SchH/VPG II
V-Rated Windevilles Cindy Lou WhoSchHI, BH, BST, RN, CD, SchH1, Fr Brevet V1, Sel Am CH Astor vom Hause FritzBH, IPO 1, HD-, ED- Gr. CH Bronco von Hause Sommer IPO I, HD-, ED-
Nina vom Leibgardist HD- ED-
AKC Pointed Windevilles Fera v Wolfsschanze SCRS97,SWRS99&97,NWRS97,Mex CHKodiak von der Wolfsschanze SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, ABST, AD, TT, CGC,RO-45734G
Mirka vom Junggesellental
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