Vom Bosen Blick Rottweilers 

Training the Blinds

While training a blind search is most effectively done with a second person or helper, I typically am training alone and try and take advantage of the low-distraction time to start the basics of the behavior. A blind search is simply teaching the dog to go around an object so you can start even simpler with a pole in the ground, traffic cone, etc. My dogs are already proficient in marker training and offering behavior so I gradually reward approximations of the behavior I am looking for. Below is a video demonstrating how I taught the blind search to my Rottweiler Ciro using just a tennis ball as a reward. Gradually increase distance from the blind and you will eventually need to add in a distraction or higher value reward. Typically once the dog is going consistently around the blind I will then take a sleeve or bite pillow and create the obedience in the exercise by making the dog leave the item they want (the sleeve) and go around the blind). Again, this exercise is much simpler to teach with a second person or helper but if you are starting the basics of it with a puppy this is an easy way to start teaching the concept of leaving your side to circle an object.

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